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Partly Cloudy (Jojo) **SALE PENDING**

Partly Cloudy 2’3” Hunter Round

Four Reel Farm show, 2’3” hunters. Jojo for sale in Arizona.


15.3h, grey Thoroughbred mare. Spectacular Bid great grand daughter. Super sweet, safe and sane babysitter type. Suitable for Advanced beginners and up, walk trot through 2'9". Has solid lead changes both ways, jumps any obstacle with no peek, good on trails and cross country jumps. Currently used in a lesson program, and can take multiple riders of varying levels. Great at shows, needs no prep, and is the same horse on and off property. 3rd in AHJA 2'3" Medal Finals, 3rd in Four Reel Farm 2'3" Medal Finals. Easy keeper, good for farrier, clips, ties, loads, and bathes. Alpha mare in the herd, and can be turned out in mixed company. Only vice is that she is a mild cribber; controlled with a collar. Requires twice a year spine injections, no other maintenance. $9500.

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